KP Speaks!


Hello Friends –have we got news for you today!

Founder member of The Katie Price Literary Review Centre, Prof. Mountpiece Judder-Davison was at a gathering of top-flight international experts on contemporary literature in Brussels last weekend –and you’ll never guess who he bumped into!

Yes, none other than Katie Price herself, who was attending the symposium to present her paper “Crystal –A Relational Study on Forensic Etymology as Applied to the Crypto-Analysis of Classical Greek Prose”!

Well, after he picked his jaw up off the floor, Prof. Judder-Davison approached the great lady of letters and begged an interview. At first, Ms. Price was a bit reluctant. She is a busy woman after all and those books don’t write themselves! However, Prof. Judder-Davison persisted and, when Katie Price heard he was from the KPLRC, she was only too glad to find time in her busy schedule to give us a few words:

PROF JD: Well, Ms. Price. First of all, let me say, on behalf of the KPLRC, how delighted we are to be given this chance to speak to you today

KP: Lovely!

PROF JD: Your latest novel Crystal has taken the publishing world by storm. You must be delighted…

KP: Lovely!

PROF JD: …although not entirely surprised. Did you realise what a momentous ouevre you were creating, whilst you were writing it?

KP: Lovely!

PROF JD: People have speculated that the heroine of your novel Crystal may be inspired by yourself. Do you think you share any character traits with her?

KP: Lovely!

PROF JD: You certainly are, my dear!… (laughs) …And finally, if I may, I’d like to ask you if you would be so kind as to send a personal message to the members of the Katie Price Literary Review Centre website.

KP: Lovely!

Well, there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed that absolutely Price-less (pun intended!) insight into the mind of one of the greatest writers of our age. And well done to Prof. Judder-Davison for managing to keep himself under control for long enough to ask those fascinating questions!


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