Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Hello KP fans everywhere!

If you happened to have been near the KPLRC offices this morning and heard the unending chorus of screaming and squeals of excitement emanating from the building, you might have been forgiven for thinking Christmas had come early. That was certainly the feeling amongst those of us lucky enough to work here, as we finally took delivery of the  Katie Price protrait  that we commissioned eminent royal portrait photographer Lord Patrick Lichfield to produce for us, some months back!

Lord Lichfield has long had a reputation as one of the world’s foremost portrait photographers and he certainly lived up to that reputation with this simply stunning portrait of Ms. Price, which he produced for the KPLRC.


We may be biased but,  as a work of art, we think this is right up there alongside the Mona Lisa: The mysterious elegance. The enigmatic smile. The way the breasts seem to follow you round the room –absolutely wonderful!

So, it’s a big ‘Thank You’ to Lord Lichfield for making us the happiest hagiographers on the internet and an equally big ‘Thank You’ to all of you who took part in our ‘Orange Nose Day’ fund-raiser last year and made this commission possible. Any of you lucky enough to live near our offices in Crudgemudgeon St. please feel free to drop in and see this beautfiul portrait for yourselves. You might have to be prepared to queue up behind a gaggle of KPLRC employees though –we just can’t get enough of gazing at it!


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